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'Pilate's 7' Coming Late July

Welcome to “Clues” my new blog, which will feature news about my writing, thoughts on current events, etc. I hope you will come back often for the latest!—Alex

July 31, 2015 marks the release date for my first book of John Pilate short stories, Pilate's 7It is now available for preorder on Barnes & Noble, Smashwords and the Apple iBooks store.

This ebook will put many of the supporting characters of the series in a starring role--John Pilate may not even appear in several of the stories (don't tell Simon!).

'Pilate's 7' features seven short stories spotlighting seven characters in the world of the popular John Pilate Mystery Series. In this unique installment--the fifth in the series--John Pilate isn't the center of attention, but his presence is keenly felt in stories featuring his friends, family and even a few enemies. 'Pilate's 7' promises bite-sized new insights, backstory and even a few "Easter eggs" for the John Pilate Mystery fan.

This will be an ebook only selection...and a prelude to the new, full-length novel slated for the holidays...title to be announced!

Pilate's 7 Final Cover.jpg