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Just Announced: “Pilate’s Blood” Finalist for Book Award

Thanks to votes from readers, my mystery thriller novel Pilate's Blood is a finalist for the Books Go Social Best Book Award!

Now it's time to go for the win! If you want to help the book win, please go to the link below and vote! It only takes a second!

Reviews of Pilate's Blood

"Having not ever read anything from J. Alexander Greenwood I have to say I was pleasantly surprised! I understand that this is the 4th book, and as I'm writing this I am looking for the first three. Great job!" - John Ricker, Goodreads


"Pilate's Blood was the perfect distraction." - Angie, Goodreads


"My favorite aspects of Pilate's Blood, and all books in the John Pilate Mystery Series, are the vivid characters (I can smell them) and the dry, intelligent humor sprinkled throughout. After reading the first three books, Pilate now seems like an old friend. As much as I want to see him settle down into domestic bliss, he just manages to get himself into the weirdest and most suspense-filled predicaments! Even if someone has not read the earlier books in the series, the characters share enough relevant back-story that one could begin with Pilate's Blood and feel at home."--ARL,


"Mr. Greenwood's storytelling gets stronger with each outing, and it's a treat watching what he does to poor John Pilate. One thing I've really been impressed with in this series is that each book has it's own feel, as if each one belongs in a different genre. Just a few books ago we were in a tropical paradise, and this time out has a definite "western" feel to it. If you're looking for sheer entertainment and escapism in a novel, look no further than "Pilate's Blood". Can't wait for the next one!" - S. Bartley,