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Caroline Street Press Now on Facebook

Independent writers are the new lifeblood of publishing, and they have a place on Caroline Street to call home. At Caroline Street Press, LLC, we've spent the past four years specializing in helping independent writers get their books to market. We just launched our Facebook page, and invite you to "Like" it and engage with us there.


Our primary focus is the production of ebooks and print-on-demand paperbacks. Please note that we do not pay advances or provide printing services. Instead, we guide writers through the independent book publishing process and help them market their work. Whatever the need--editing to cover art, formatting to distribution, marketing to public relations--we can help.

We are most interested in the mystery, suspense, thriller and horror genres. We are also interested in memoir, historical fiction/non-fiction, science fiction, westerns and business-related nonfiction.

Caroline Street Press is publisher of four critically-acclaimed award-nominated novels, "Pilate's Cross", "Pilate's Key", "Pilate's Ghost" and "Pilate's Blood" by J. Alexander Greenwood. We are also publisher of a book of short stories related to the John Pilate Mysteries, "Pilate's 7".  
We also publish stand-alone short stories, including the award-winning "Obsidian".

Caroline Street Press title "Enchanted Circles" by Paul Medina was listed as an Oklahoma Best-Seller in Spring 2015.

Nonfiction titles include the bestselling crowdfunding ebook "Kickstarter Success Secrets." 


We are also co-publisher, with Kyakker Books, of "Fiddling with Friends in the 1920s: A Chautauqua Trouper's Story"; the first of a series of non-fiction ebooks by Ken Weyand. The books are available online with all major retailers, including, iBooks, Smashwords and Barnes & Noble

Contact us today if we can assist you in bringing your book to the world.