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In the Beginning: A Reading from "Pilate's Cross"

Welcome to "In the Beginning" a series of audio recordings of the prologues or first chapters from each of the John Pilate Mysteries, read by the author.

Fittingly, our first selection is a reading of the Prologue of Book One: Pilate's Cross. This prologue sets up much of the mythology of the series that turns up in other installments.

The author hopes you enjoy the reading and if you have not read Pilate's Cross that you will order an autographed copy from this site or get an ebook or paperback from your favorite retailer. Please note that an entire audiobook version of this book exists, read by the excellent John Edmondson. You can get it here.

If you'd like to enjoy a reading from the latest John Pilate mystery book--a series of short stories-- Pilate's 7, click here.

Music on this reading is "Designer Drugs" by 37Hz.