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An Update to My Kickstarter Supporters

Years ago, I conducted a successful Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to finance the production costs of my then new novel Pilate's Ghost. Here's an update I sent to my backers that you may find of interest.--Alex

Hi Everyone,

I know it's been years since you helped make Pilate's Ghost a reality, and I don't mean to add any extra email to your busy day, but I just want to take a minute to say thanks again for your support and update you on a few things.

First, I updated the John Pilate Mysteries website, Mysterious Goings On, considerably. There is a new blog, called Clues, which I update frequently. I have also started an email list that I will start emailing monthly in October. Click here to sign up. 

Just a couple of other things since Pilate's Ghost:

Pilate's Cross and Pilate's Cross were recognized as "Notable Books" by Shelf Unbound Magazine. Quite an honor! 

Caroline Street Press released a new John Pilate novel in October 2014, Pilate's Blood. Click here to get your ebook or paperback copy from Amazon (it's also available just about everywhere else). If you want an autographed paperbackclick here. 


About the book: John Pilate reluctantly returns to tiny Cross Township…a mutated Mayberry packed with guns, a serious lack of anti-depression meds, a rampaging crime boss and an imaginary "friend" who won't shut the hell up.

Once a hero, now Pilate is broke, bored and forced to take a job imbued with more authority than the town dogcatcher but far less respect. What's worse is there's criminality afoot, and nobody to deal with it but Pilate and a ragtag band of oddballs, friends and family.

Sure, things could work out just fine...then again, it may come down to spilling Pilate's Blood...Thicker Than Water, Twice As Deadly.

Caroline Street Press also just released a new ebook of short stories about the John Pilate universe, Pilate's 7. The ebook features seven short stories spotlighting seven characters in the world of the John Pilate Mystery Series. In this unique installment John Pilate isn't the center of attention, but his presence is keenly felt in stories featuring his friends, family and even a few enemies. 'Pilate's 7' promises bite-sized new insights, backstory and even a few "Easter eggs" for the John Pilate Mystery fan.  

Okay, I promised I wouldn't bug you via Kickstarter, so I'm going to end this here--if you want to stay in touch about the series, please do join the monthly email list and/or join our Facebook community here.

Thanks again for your support. As we go into the fall of the year--my favorite time--I hope you enjoy the crisp, cool weather and the ride from Halloween to Thanksgiving to the many December holidays into another New Year.