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Our Podcast Named "New & Noteworthy"!

Our new podcast, Mysterious Goings On, was listed on the iTunes "New & Noteworthy" page! This resulted in dozens of downloads in one day. So, we are up and running and having fun.

What's a podcast? Where you been living, under a rock? Just kidding. Think of a podcast as a free, recorded radio show that you can download onto your smartphone, tablet, computer or MP3 player--you can time-shift and listen when most convenient. I listen to podcasts at the gym (well, not the kickboxing gym--the other gym with the elliptical machines) or before I go to bed or while I'm doing house or yard work.

We call each episode a "chapter" and at this writing, we have produced seven. No idea how long this "audio book" will be--if people continue to listen, we'll continue to produce new chapters. 

So far, we have had shows that featured audio essays from yours truly, readings from my books and two episodes that featured interviews--really more like conversations--with acclaimed novelist Jason McIntyre. We aim to get other authors to appear soon, and of course would love to interview editors, reviewers and regular ol' readers, too. 

The show comes out (mostly) on Fridays--but you don't need to remember that if you go to iTunes or Stitcher and subscribe. It's free! If you want to subscribe, here's the link on iTunes. Click here to subscribe on Stitcher. And here's the link so you can listen on your desktop while pretending to be working. 

Want to help the podcast grow? (You know what I'm going to write next, then...) WRITE A REVIEW! Here's how to do it--just click here
Well, that's it for now. Thanks so much for reading, er, I mean listening!