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Ladies and gentlemen, join us for the cover reveal of "Pilate's Rose". At noon central time Jan. 10, 2018 the rose will be in bloom!

Visit to check it out!

Thanks to the talented Jason McIntyre for his fantastic, "explosive" design!

Please let us know your thoughts about the cover--and what you think it may mean for John Pilate and company--in the comments section below.

Check back on Facebook FRIDAY, Jan. 12 for "Pilate's Rose" #preorder info!

Learn more about Jason's book cover artistry here:

And don't forget his magnificent novels here:

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Last days to Pre-Order "Pilate's 7" plus some news...!

Hey everyone, just a reminder if you want to save $1 off the retail price of my new book of John Pilate short stories, Pilate's 7, now's the time. Here are links to all outlets offering pre-orders, so you can pick your own. Note that is not one of them, but if you order from Smashwords, you can easily slide that .MOBI file right on to your Kindle. (Amazon will feature the book in August.)


And if you know any librarians, all my books are available for discounted bulk purchase from Library Direct.

Thanks for your pre-orders. My editor (a tough cookie) says this is going to be a fun book for fans, and I'm looking forward to your thoughts about it. I am also excited to get started on the next full-length novel.

Please do me a favor--if you're reading this I assume you're a fan of the books--would you please share this post with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, etc.? We really need to deepen the ranks of "Pilate's People" to keep the series going. Thanks so much! --Alex

P.S. I will be appearing on a new edition of Amused Now in August. Here's an interview I did a few years ago: