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"Pilate's Blood" Named 2015 Top 100 Notable Book

I'm honored that Shelf Unbound Magazine named Pilate's Blood #45 on its list of 100 Notable Books for 2015. This recognition of Blood, the fourth in the John Pilate Series, means a lot to me as it is in part an homage to my late grandfather, the writer Robert E. Trevathan. 

If you'd like to read the feature about my book online, it's free. Just click here and go to page 105. If you haven't read Pilate's Blood yet (and why haven't you?) you can order an autographed copy right here on this website, or go to and virtually all the other online ebook and paperback retailers. 

About the book:

John Pilate reluctantly returns to tiny Cross Township…a mutated Mayberry packed with guns, a serious lack of anti-depression meds, a rampaging crime boss and an imaginary "friend" who won't shut the hell up. 

Once a hero, now Pilate is broke, bored and forced to take a job imbued with more authority than the town dogcatcher but far less respect. What's worse is there's criminality afoot, and nobody to deal with it but Pilate and a ragtag band of oddballs, friends and family. 

Sure, things could work out just fine...then again, it may come down to spilling Pilate's Blood...Thicker Than Water, Twice As Deadly.