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On Writing About Guns

As a writer of thrillers and murder mysteries, I am increasingly hesitant about using gun violence in my stories. The savage, senseless massacres (which the rest of the civilized world cannot understand)--Sandy Hook, in particular--and "accidents" that take place daily in America have reinforced my views on gun regulation. 

I do not own firearms, and do not begrudge responsible citizens who do. However, I think we should be more realistic about what kind of weaponry is so readily available to the public. 

The Second Amendment was written at a time when the British occupying government was trying to limit gun ownership to make sure an armed insurrection did not occur. It was also a time when the Founding Fathers had no conception of the kind of incredible damage our modern weapons can do.

If it ticks off fans of my work that I raised this question and advocate for stricter gun regulations, so be it. I write for the joy of writing, and if it offends anyone that I want sensible, sane gun laws--to prevent children from being slaughtered--well, that's the price I pay in a lost book sale or two. 

I have some thinking to do about my fiction. But I am much more concerned about the nightmarish reality we live with in today's America. The video linked below makes a thought-provoking point. I hope you'll watch and think about it.