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New Podcast Episode: Rumors of My Death...

After a five-month hiatus, Mysterious Goings On returns!

In this episode...

Alex updates you on the mundane details of his health along with news of the latest John Pilate Mystery, Pilate's Rose.

He also breaks news about his collaboration with the late author Robert E. Trevathan and a very special premium for John Pilate fans! 

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Where's My Podcast?

Fans of the podcast have no doubt noted we took a little break from production after our first 15 chapters (episodes) of Mysterious Goings On. This was due mostly to stuff you would file under "life" and "am writing".  I hope you will stay subscribed (what? you're not subscribed? HURRY and click here!) and that way you'll get an automatic download of the next chapter.

When will that be? Well...some things must remain a mystery...

In the meantime, I am writing and will be back to podcasting as soon as I can. (You'll hear from me soon!) Thanks for reading...and listening.


New Podcast Episode Up!

Chapter 8: The Keys Go Viral is available now!

I have the stomach virus, so you get the Key!

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Alex Launches A New Podcast!

Alex has launched "Mysterious Goings On," a podcast version of the "Clues" blog. Available on iTunes, Mysterious Goings On will feature news about Alex's work, interviews with other authors and readings of chapters and short stories. There will likely be some malarkey and silliness here and there, also. Check it out on iTunes--and please subscribe and leave a quick review!

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