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The New Look for "Pilate's Cross"

Very excited to unveil the new cover for the first book in the John Pilate Mysteries, "Pilate's Cross"!

I'm working with the talented Jason McIntyre to reimagine the covers of the first four books in the series. This is no slight to the original covers done by a talented artist, but I want a more consistent, cohesive, and yes, much more commercially-viable aesthetic that makes it easier for readers to identify the series by the cover.

We will roll out the new covers for "Pilate's Key", "Pilate's Ghost" and "Pilate's Blood" over this next few months.

I hope you will agree that Jason's work evokes the unique mood of each book, while still tying together the serialistic threads.

Also, in the case of this first book, this is the third revised edition. We fixed a few minor errors and reset the interior design for the paperback version. So, if you have this #ebook in your #Kindle now, it should download this newer (final!) version next time you refresh it.

Please note the new paperback is not yet directly tied to the existing Kindle and audiobook pages yet, so if you are interested in picking up this new version in paperback, be sure to use the link below until the old version is retired.

NEW Third Edition:

And if you need a copy of the old paperback version, that link is still live for a few more days--just goto the ebook version and click over to the paperback.

Second Edition Paperback:

Jason also did a version for the audiobook:

And of course if you want an autographed version, just message me here and we will get it taken care of.

Thanks for your support. I hope you like the new, fresh look for the John Pilate Mysteries!

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Last Chance for a John Pilate Collector's Item!

A returned consignment from the first bookstore to carry a John Pilate novel has provided John Pilate fans with a fun collector's item, the out of print Pilate's Cross first edition! 

This is the one without the first three chapters of Pilate's Key at the end, and yes, it does contain a few legendary mistakes rectified in the second edition.

This is a buy now or they're gone forever situation, so if you'd like an autographed copy of my first paperback--warts and all--you can get for a VERY low price!

How about $7.00 plus $2.75 shipping in the USA? If you want one, just visit the Merchandise section of this website or click here to order...and hurry!