John Pilate Fan Community


John Pilate has many friends--real and imaginary.

This page is dedicated to "real world" friends and fans of the John Pilate Mystery Series. Without devoted readers such as these, John Pilate would be as invisible as Simon...

Thank you.

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Simon's Circle

James Sudik

Story Sudik

Uncle Mike

David A. Terrill

Barb Harris

Stephanie Taliaferro Greenwood

Pilate's People

Allison Reed Lake

Joanne Louise Fisher

Mo and Erik Edwards

Angie Makkyla

Tim Lester

Laura Tigges

Eden Baylee


Edward Buatois

Barrett Sydnor

Folkin' Dan Coyle

Tina Harvey

Kelly J. Davis

Mary Metcalfe

Pamela Sankey

Deborah Trivitt

K. Lee

James Fidel

Haunted Planet

Rex Suba

Citizens of Cross

Mayor Emeritus

Robert E. Trevathan



Kerry Stubbs

Johnny Dakota

Sharon E. Cathcart


Suzanne Monahan

Lanelle Greenwood

A.F. Greenwood


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