“I recommend (Pilate’s Key) for all readers who want to be entertained and held captive until the mystery is solved.”

— Confessions of a Reader Book Review Blog

“This story (Obsidian) impressed us with its originality, evocation of eeriness, and overall suspense. It stood out as a well-crafted piece of short fiction. The story will run in the December issue of Shelf Unbound.”

— Margaret Brown, Publisher, Shelf Unbound

"This book (Pilate's Cross) is a great mystery mixed with some great one liners. Very entertaining and you will get wrapped up in Pilate's world. Greenwood really knows how to bring this small town to life."

— Noah Smith

"Greenwood’s writing is dead-certain and extremely confident—the author never hesitates in plunging his story into further complication in order to make it more edge-of-your-seat exciting, and yet, he emerges from it as cleanly and as self-satisfying as possible.

As long as John Pilate is in it grappling with his personal issues, the least of which is his imaginary pal Simon (who never fails to provide the acerbic wit and occasional comic relief when the going gets really tough), I’m pretty sure this book series is going to have a long list of sequels down the road. Overall, ‘Pilate’s Cross’ is a brilliant debut, a roller coaster of a yarn that is fully capable of making hours seemingly disappear as you read it. A solid five-star rating for this one."
— Meghan
"In a time where mystery protagonists are either Sherlock Holmes or Monk knock-offs, we are instead treated to an unwitting detective who finds himself in the midst of a mystery that he doesn't really wish to try and solve. Unfortunately, he finds it imperative that he does solve it - perhaps even at his own peril. We throw the term "inner demons" about regularly, but this guy really has them, and it is so refreshing to witness him struggle with them. I found him a pleasure to root for."
— James Garcia, Jr.
"What the author does successfully is create an atmosphere of intrigue, adventure, AND it's a lot of fun being there with his cast of characters. Just when you think, "how are they going to get out of this mess?" A plan is devised, and they're off! 
Great imaginative storytelling, and I look forward to the next book in this series."
— Eden Baylee, Bestselling Author of Stranger at Sunset
"Pilate's Cross was a total winner. When I first read it several months ago, I was along for the ride with John Pilate, the title character. I was as in the dark as much as he was. Greenwood kept me guessing until the very end. I picked it up a second time to review and was thrilled all over again. Greenwood weaves a depth of detail throughout the book that can only be caught on a second reading once you know what's really going on. Full of humor and oh-so-quotable quips, it's a no-brainer purchase."
— Michelle Stinson Ross, author of Revenge of the Siren Song

"Greenwood offers a fresh take on the mystery thriller with his John Pilate Series. His novels are populated with flawed and neurotic--yet instantly-likable--characters who find themselves thrown into maddeningly entertaining situations. Greenwood writes fun, accessible fiction that leaves readers asking for more."

- Jason McIntyre, author of On The Gathering Storm and Thalo Blue

"Wherever you are, as you read this book you are transported to Key West. I picked this one up one evening and didn't put it down until I flipped that last page. Key captured my full attention and I was thrown into the chaos that is Pilate's life. Greenwood knows how to bring you into the story from page 1. The mystery just keeps you interested that you need to know what is happening and what will happen next. Mystery chips, boats, sun and conch fritters have you wanting to visit Key West real soon. Also the characters seem so real you want to meet them one day."
— Noah Smith
"This will be an ongoing series in the tradition of The Fugitive series and should be very successful."
— Carrol Wolverton
"J. Alexander Greenwood’s John Pilate Mysteries just keep getting better. In this second book, ‘Pilate’s Key’, we are treated to a new, sunny setting—and I think this is utterly clever as it only contrasts the dark and brooding nature of Pilate himself and the situations he soon finds himself in.

As always, the second book centers on John Pilate—more and more, John feels like the offspring of some incredible experiment that combines Lindsay’s ‘Dexter’, the video game character ‘Max Payne’ with genetic strands of Sherlock Holmes—in what would otherwise be an awesome setting: the idyllic Key West. While the book begins on an upbeat note—after all, his romance with Kate (a continuation from the previous book) seems headed towards a blissful future—you know that it’s all just too good to be true—not with the snarky Simon still around. Knowing that this is a John Pilate Mystery, you can’t really shake off that feeling that author Greenwood is just trying to surfeit you with his clever foreshadowing. And soon, you hit pay dirt: it doesn’t take long for fate to catch up on John and Kate, as even the sun and sand is not enough to stave off fate’s tendency to make things complicated for John. For some reason, a stranger’s death involves him in more ways than he could initially fathom, and the deeper he gets in this muck, the worse it becomes—to the point you’re wondering if John will, as always, get out of this alive.

Greenwood’s first-rate writing is resplendent again in this book—he writes with cleverness and grace and with enough emotional gravitas to make even the most fantastic plots believable. There’s humor in the right places (supplied by Simon and Taters) and there’s enough of romance to you turning the pages for more, but not so much as it waters down the sense of suspense and mystery.

This is a deeply satisfying follow-up to ‘Pilate’s Cross’, and the only logical best next thing for those who loved the series so far is ordering a copy of the next and third book in this series, ‘Pilate’s Ghost’—I assure it’s also a white-knuckled hell of a ride. This book deserves all the five-star ratings it gets."
— Meghan
"Someone wrote that he/she thought Pilates Ghost was one of the best books they'd read all year (a Dec 2012 review). I'll tell you this, Pilates Cross, Key, and Ghost are the *three* best novels I've read since the first one ("Cross") came out! I didn't really know what to expect with "Ghost" other than it may have had something to do with a character from a previous book. I got kinda slowed down with the first few pages because it was like a prelude to me since I'd read both Cross and Key, but it took hold and I just had to hold on. John thinks, I believe, that he has Simon right where he wants him. Like, "YEAH, RIGHT!"

I'm quite sure that Simon will titillate John toward a new vista of Pilate mysteries in the near future. By the way, as good as "Ghost" was, for sheer absolute intrigue I did like "Key" best. Yup, we need some more John Pilate mysteries."
— Harvey Hurtt
"You know when people say "I couldn't put it down"? Well in this case, it is true. I bought it this morning and I read until I finished it this afternoon. It was all I could do to not turn to the last chapter so I could see how it ended up. But if I did that, I would have missed out on all the twists and turns that make the Pilate's series so fun. With each book, I have been taken into the story. I see the scenes in my mind like I am standing there with Pilate. I see the town of Cross and the little grocer or the farm house. I feel like I have been there. I hope I get to go back in book number 4."
— A.S. Walker
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